Extra English week 3

Welcome to your Extra English week 3


This is all about how to identify different parts of a sentence. Use the hints to help you but most importantly if you don't know something please look it up and enjoy the experience. Good luck.

Group and Time
What is an Acronym?
Which of these is an adverb?
That was so good let's do it again - which of these is an adverb?
O.K. if you must one more - which of these is the adverb?
"He was reading a book" - which word is the past participle?
"She entered accompanied by her aunt" where is the past participle in this sentence?
"He is cooking a cake" what is the present participle?
We had arrived - is an example of what tense?
"To boldly go" is an example of a?
The sun has got his hat on is an example of a

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