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“I was looking for a tutor to help my daughter and teach her the examination techniques required for the eleven plus within the borough of Bexley and County of Kent. After an online search I was impressed by his C.V. He was very nice, we had an initial hour, to test my daughter to see if she had the ability to pass. He provided a large number of examination materials and she completed lots of practice assessments. My daughter passed with an outstanding score of 248 of a possible 250 and was offered a place at Bexley Grammar School, which was her first choice. If you would like your child to pass the test, look no further as his experience can help your son or daughter and inspire them by giving them the tools to complete the work.”


“Mr Bleach is a wonderful tutor who I highly recommend to other parents. He is one of those inspirational teachers that make learning easy and fun. My son Joseph really enjoyed the sessions, his confidence and learning excelled with Mr Bleach’s help enabling Joseph to fulfil his potential of passing the Bexley eleven plus and gaining a place at Beths Grammar School..”


“Pete, I want to thank you very much for teaching my daughter to pass the Bexley Eleven Plus Test. Due to your teachings, she was among the top ‘180’!! Keep up the good work!”

Anthony, Crayford

“Mr Bleach was a great teacher to my daughter from day one. He always greets us with a great smile. She will come back home happy and cheerful and always look forward to her next lesson. I got updates from him every week regarding her progress and her weak points. He taught her techniques and how to cope with last minute examination pressures. My daughter scored excellent results in Bexley, Newstead and Kent eleven plus tests.”


I would really recommend the mock tests, an excellent opportunity for children to get used the an exam environment. The summer revisions sessions were great too, thank you to Diane for prompt email communication, it’s often the small things that avoid additional stress. With a pass in both Kent and Bexley 11+ we are grateful for all their support, and detailed, prompt feedback from the mocks. Thank you.

Tessie E

“Peters enthusiasm and energy made my son want to come to the tutor sessions, and as a result he passed both the Kent and Bexley tests with excellent scores”


“My daughter Laura has been extremely proud of herself when passing the 11 plus in 3 different locations. She was thoroughly enjoyed attending the 11 plus tutoring with Pete. I have seen her being more motivated by finding solutions to answers quicker and easier due to Pete’s great help.She finds his method of teaching very easy to understand.It is very important what the students also think for him and here is my daughter’s opinion for Pete.” I am so grateful, we found Pete at the right time. Although you learn a lot from each lesson, it is also a very enjoyable experience. Since I started attending the lessons with this incredible tutor I have noticed a major change in my confidence to pass and succeed the 11 plus exams”
We would certainly recommend him to anyone.”


“I found lessons at Mr Bleach’s fun and learned a lot. I was always keen to go every week because I enjoyed his lessons. I achieved the scores I wanted for all three eleven plus tests. I am now prepared to face the challenges in grammar school. Thanks Mr Bleach.”


Although not tutored, my daughter attended a one off revision session in the summer holidays. She was made very welcome and gained lots of useful tips to improve her confidence. She passed her 11+ and was really pleased. Thank you.

Sam C

“Mr Bleach is a great teacher and I was always excited to go to tuition and learn. Mr Bleach gave me the confidence and hope which made me thrive in my work. he never burdened me with tons of homework but gave me just enough. that made a big difference in my preparation for my examinations. With Mr Bleach’s excellent teaching I achieved great scores for the Bexley, Kent and Newstead Woods examinations. Now I have a choice of the best Grammar Schools around.”


“When we got the Bexley grammar selection tests results and found that our daughter has been deemed selective, the very first person naturally we wanted to thank is Pete. We are sincerely thankful to him for his Eleven plus entrance guidance to our daughter and us. Along with his in-depth command over the subjects, the best part is energy and enthusiasm he induced and kept it through out the year. As it is most difficult to keep the motivation and spirits high while preparing for exams. As parents we would definitely recommend him for eleven plus preparations.”

Muskan, Shweta and Alok

“Mr Bleach was recommended by my brother, who’s daughter was helped by Mr Bleach and gained outstanding results for the Bexley eleven plus. I decided to take my son to him and there is no doubt that he hugely aided his progress. I also have to say that not many sessions were required as he will genuinely inform you if your child needs more or fewer lessons. Although I was hesitant to let my son take the examination, he very confidently informed me that I should let him sit it. I listened and my son passed the examination with flying colours. He was offered a place in his first choice grammar school . He is one of those tutors that has a competitive hourly rate and will not overcharge you.”


My son did the Kent mock organized by Peter and Diane, which was a helpful practice, and the feedback was useful to us too. We decided against tutoring, but he did attend one of their revision days as well, and enjoyed it. The handouts were useful and they gave him some good tips. He’s done exceptionally well in the Bexley and Kent tests and I am sure their input had a positive effect.

Sophie H

“Mr Bleach is a professional and highly experienced tutor who knows his area of teaching in depth. My daughter Rheeya enjoyed her tuition time and always looked forward to the next one. Mr Bleach is very approachable and has always been there for advice .At times when Rheeya or us, as parents we felt low, he always had the right words to encourage and motivate. After each lesson he would discuss Rheeya’s strengths and weaknesses and find appropriate solutions to move forward . He taught Rheeya the best methods to answering questions and ways approach complex and challenging ones.

Mr Bleach is an excellent guide and he has helped bring out the best out of Rheeya ‘s ability. I would say he gave her the one thing that made her achieve such excellent results- Confidence. Rheeya excelled in all three exams – Bexley, Kent and Newstead Wood. I would praise Mr Bleach’s ability to engage students and help them achieve at their best levels. He has a major part in my daughter’s success and I will always thank him for his contribution. With soaring confidence Rheeya is now ready to go to Grammar school.

I highly recommend him and I would welcome any contact from prospective parents wishing to reference Mr Bleach’s tutorial services.”